Best Bar & Drinks Books in 2020

Did you know?

That Whiskey is basically a Beer? Well, at least it starts that way (without the hops though), and gets distilled two or three times.

Angel’s tax refers to roughly around 4% of Whiskey that evaporates every year from the barrels.

Whisky is to Scottish, whereas Whiskey is to others. Apparently Scots wanted to get to drinking faster.

Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of empty Beer glass.

 McDonald’s serve beer in France, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands.

Because of natural chemical composition of grapes, they don’t need sugars, acids, enzymes to ferment.

European wines are named after their geographic locations and non-European wines are named after variety of their grapes.

We have compiled a list of books that are best of the best – if you care to really know your drinks, or just want to get hold of Best Cocktail recipes.

Tasting Whiskey


Coming from the former managing editor of Whiskey Advocate magazine is this book that captures his decades of learning about Whiskey. Explore the traditions behind Bourbon, Scotch, Irish and other Whiskey – the ingredients, the distilling techniques.

The book also suggests food-pairing (you only thought of food pairing for Wine.. huh!!).

The World Atlas of Whisky


The author – Dave Broom – is the winner of the Glenfiddich Award for Drinks Book of the Year. This essential guide to the water of life groups whiskies by style, allowing the reader to identify new whiskies to try from around the world.

The Wine Bible


This revised edition (of previous Best Seller) is like a lively course from the expert teacher – Karen MacNeil – who has won every wine award given in the English Language. You can literally master the basics of Wines by reading this book end to end.

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition


Wine Folly is a must-have Wine book. Period. It has a very vivid easy-to-digest approach to learning about wine. Book uses colors in amazing ways to showcase wine and grape varieties. And of course, the book has proven pairing tips to mix wine and food.

The Complete Beer Course


With ever-increasing Beer types it can be hard to understand even the basics of Beer.

In this book, after giving you the tools to taste, smell, and evaluate beers, Bernstein takes you through a series of easy-to-understand classes that will have you hopping from lagers and pilsners to hazy wheat beers, Belgian-style abbey and Trappist ales, aromatic pale ales and bitter IPAs, roasty stouts, barrel-aged brews, belly-warming barley wines, and mouth-puckering sour ales

How to Brew


For Beer wanna-be Brewers. How to Brew is the definitive guide to making quality beers at home. Whether you want simple, sure-fire instructions for making your first beer, or you’re a seasoned homebrewer working with all-grain batches, this book has something for you.

The Bar Book


You would not see a Cocktail book organized like this. The book helps you understand the ingredients – like types of juices, syrups, sodas, mixers and garnishes – and how it all fits together with exceptional Cocktails. The book even covers the types of Ice and how that fits with various Cocktails.

Smuggler’s Cove


Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco has been named one of the World’s Best Bars. Combine that with the mixed personalities of the authors – Martin Cate (a rum and exotic cocktail expert), and Rebecca Cate (a research psychologist wish specialization in personality and social psychology) – and you got a book cannot resist to leave out.

Death & Co.


Another definitive guide to the contemporary craft cocktail movement, this book compiles recipes from one of the best Bars – located in New York and Denver. But more than just a collection of recipes, Death & Co is also a complete cocktail education, with information on the theory and philosophy of drink making, a complete guide to buying and using spirits, and step-by-step instructions for mastering key bartending techniques.

I’m Just Here for the Drinks


In this book – Sother Teague, one of New York’s most knowledgeable bartenders and Wine Enthusiast’s Mixologist of the Year – presents a brief history of both classic and lesser-known spirits with modern-day wit and old-school bar wisdom, accompanied by easy-to-mix drink recipes you’ll soon commit to memory.

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