Essential Bar Gadgets & Accessories – 2020

There are two approaches to drinking or serving drinks at home – you simply have the drinks and serve it, OR, you do it with the right Bar Gadgets & Accessories. The second approach, without any change in drinks, make the drinks more appealing and restaurant bar-like.

We have compile a list of essential items to this tune – it’s up you whether you want to buy these to gift yourself, or gift to others.

Mixology Bartender Kit


Let’s start with a kit that contains multiple items and would cover for making a good number of cocktails. This Bar Tool Set comes with cocktail shaker, double-sided jigger, Mojito Muddler, Mixing spoon, Hawthrone strainer, 2 liquor pourers, Ice tongs, and double-lever corkscrew.

The kit comes in a beautiful wooden box that also serves as a stand.

OXO Ice Bucket


An item that you would need more often than not, for most types of drinks (other than beer and wine) is an Ice Bucket. This OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket keeps the ice insulated long enough for the party – it does so with an internal reservoir that keeps melted water away from ice cubes.

As a bonus, this bucket has an easy-access tray that slides out of the bucket, to keep garnishes like lime, lemon, or mint.

KitchenAid Bottle Opener


What do most (non-American) beer bottles need? A Bottle Opener. Sure, you can have a two-buck bottle opener, but what appeal would that have!! This KitchenAid Bottle Opener would make any Beer feel like opened in elegance. And you can also punch-open a can’s pour hole with this Opener.

Rabbit Wine Opener Kit


This Kit – that comes in a giftable box – has everything one needs to handle a Wine bottle – the Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and a Stopper for opened Wine Bottle. The Opener works flawlessly to open that bottle easily.

Cuisinart Wine Opener


This Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener (with Vacuum Sealer) not only opens the wine bottles in seconds with push of a button, but it also comes with a sealer that can seal the bottles to preserve the freshness and flavor of unfinished wine. Sealer has a dial (1 – 31) to mark the day the bottle was sealed. Single charge opens up to 80 bottles. Works on both natural and synthetic corks. Charging base hosts both the Opener and the Foil Cutter.

Vinluxe Wine Aerator


This Best Selling instant Wine Aerator is also convenient to use. Simply pour the Wine over this aerator into the Wine glass, and it does excellent job of aerating.

You cannot go wrong with this choice of gift.

Rabbit Decanter


Give Wine some air with this Rabbit decanter. Tiny droplets spray onto the crystal and pick up oxygen to enhance flavor and aroma.

Includes crystal decanter and sediment metal strainer, and funnel. A beautiful gift at reasonable price.

Libby Stemless


Stemless Wine glasses presence has been on the rise in past decade. They can be as elegant as stemmed ones, but with benefits of easier on storage and less prone to breaking. They are perfect for large gatherings.

This set of 12 come with 6 Red Wine glasses and 6 White Wine glasses. Perfect gift for any house or Wine lover.

Gangsters Mug Shots


What fun is a Home Bar without Shot glasses. This set adds further fun (and conversation starters) to its Shot Glasses with prints of famous gangsters’ mugshots. Let the party folks have their “pick” of the Gangsters!!

Stella Artois Beer Glasses


Whether you are Stella lover or not, this set of glasses is too beautiful to resist. You (and the gift recipient) would be impressed with the solid quality and print on these glasses. The glasses have full-color Stella Artois logo with premium gold-leaf rim, and the stem is detailed with Stella Artois Star.

Waterford Whiskey Glasses


Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashion Glasses with classic cut pattern design are as elegant as they are traditional (and nostalgic for some). It comes in set of 4, with 11 ounce capacity – perfect for that Whiskey drink (served on rocks, or mixed with soda).

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses


These glasses (set of 6) are exclusively for those who love to drink neat (or with a drop of water. The shape of the glass may appear just eye-candy, but it’s functionally meant to enhance the aroma and taste. Whiskey freaks would tell you to drop a drop of water into neat Whiskey and it’ll multiply the aroma.

Teivio Bar Coasters


Like one needs something other than alcohol to start free-spirited conversations!! But it never hurts to add a twisted (meaning) flavor. This set of coasters not only would protect your furniture, but it will also bring smile to the party. These coasters are meant to accompany Bar accessories.

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