Best Wine Openers in 2020

One thing that can easily destroy the fun of drinking Wine is to struggle opening that Wine bottle or worse – break the cork and drop bits into the Wine. Opening the Wine bottle should be seamless – whether one uses manual opener (like Screwpull) or powered one. We have compiled a list of worry-free Wine Openers that would make great gifts for Wine lovers.

OXO CorkPull Wine Opener


A Wine Opener that is as simple as it gets. Place the opener firmly on top of cork and keep twisting – the cork would be pulled out in no time. The Opener also includes foil cutter on top. Made of die-cast stainless steel.

Rabbit Wine Opener Kit


This Kit – that comes in a giftable box – has everything one needs to handle a Wine bottle – the Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and a Stopper for opened Wine Bottle. The Opener works flawlessly to open that bottle easily.

Brookstone Wine Opener


This Wine Opener is simple, elegant and compact. The Opener boasts an ergonomic hand-grip that safely secures to any Wine bottle for easy and smooth operation. A simple lever-pull (up) movement opens the bottle. Works with natural and synthetic corks.

Hamilton Beach Electric Wine Opener


This cordless electric powered Wine Bottle Opener, with soft-grip handle, opens a bottle with push of a button – no manual manipulation needed. Single charge opens up to 30 bottles. The Opener comes with charging base and a foil cutter.

Cuisinart Wine Opener


This Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener (with Vacuum Sealer) not only opens the wine bottles in seconds with push of a button, but it also comes with a sealer that can seal the bottles to preserve the freshness and flavor of unfinished wine. Sealer has a dial (1 – 31) to mark the day the bottle was sealed. Single charge opens up to 80 bottles. Works on both natural and synthetic corks. Charging base hosts both the Opener and the Foil Cutter.

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