Best Wine Aerators in 2020

A Wine Aerator helps enhance the smooth taste of the Wine. Aerators are mostly used for Red Wines (and particularly young Red Wines that have rich tannin base). There is no substitute to aging of Wines – to get that smooth rich flavor and aroma. But, Aerators are certainly the next best alternative.

Traditionally, Wine Decanters have been used to aerate Wine, but in the past couple decades there have been a surge of instant aerators that only take seconds – just the amount of time it takes to pour Wine.

We have compiled a list of Wine Aerators (both instant, and decanters) that make perfect gift for Red Wine lovers.

Vintorio Wine Aerator


A great Budget pick, this Vintorio Aerator Pourer instantly brings out the flavors and aromas of wine, and is as simple to use as pouring straight from the bottle. It also combines the effectiveness of hand-held aerator with the convenience of pourer.

Vinluxe Wine Aerator


This Best Selling instant Wine Aerator is also convenient to use. Simply pour the Wine over this aerator into the Wine glass, and it does excellent job of aerating.

You cannot go wrong with this choice of gift.

Vinturi Wine Aerator


A consistent performer – Vinturi Wine Aerator – has a perfect design to aerate Wine with right amount of air. The filter screen prevents cork bits or Wine sediments to pass through. And, it comes with a no-drop stand for keeping the Aerator in place.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter


Made of lead-free crystal, this decanter makes a great value Wine Decanter. This Decanter with 1700 ml capacity provides sufficient capacity (for full 750 ml bottle) and surface area to aerate Wine quickly. And slanted spout allows easy and spill-free pouring.

Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanter


Wine needs to breathe, and the Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe is designed to expose decanted wine to oxygen by maximizing the surface area. A slender neck and weighty base make this decanter eminently practical, while the subtle diamond and wedge cuts of the classic Lismore pattern almost imperceptibly enhance the color the decanted contents.

An elegant addition to any Wine enthusiast’s bar collection.

Rabbit Decanter


Give Wine some air with this Rabbit decanter. Tiny droplets spray onto the crystal and pick up oxygen to enhance flavor and aroma.

Includes crystal decanter and sediment metal strainer, and funnel. A beautiful gift at reasonable price.

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