Best Wine Glasses in 2020

Wine is a $200 Billion+ industry. One can find a Wine bottle as cheap as few bucks, or can go in staggering thousands. As big of a variety you would find in Wine types, you could in Wine glasses as well. However, if unless you are super-crazy about types of Wine Glasses, you could simply have three sets of glasses and cover most types of wines. All you need is glasses for Red Whine, for White Whine and (Flutes) for Champagne.

We have compiled a list of glasses we really love, and these would made perfect gifts for any casual Wine drinker(s) or enthusiast(s).

Riedel VINUM


Sophistication without breaking the Bank.

The classic machine-made Cabernet and Merlot glass of the established glass collection Vinum should be part of the basic equipment of every sophisticated wine lover. The set contains 8 glasses.

Libby Stemless


Stemless Wine glasses presence has been on the rise in past decade. They can be as elegant as stemmed ones, but with benefits of easier on storage and less prone to breaking. They are perfect for large gatherings.

This set of 12 come with 6 Red Wine glasses and 6 White Wine glasses. Perfect gift for any house or Wine lover. 

Mikasa Cheers


The fun an whimsical designs of this Mikasa Cheers collection add some fun to the glasses. Of course the design helps each guest identifying their glass.

The set includes 4 tulip White Wine glasses. Perfect gift for any occasion.

Waterford Lismore Balloon


One of the most recognizable patterns in the Waterford archive – this set (of two) Wine Glasses are simply beautiful – more so than picture can justify.

Made of Crystal, these glasses feature pattern’s world famous diamond and wedge cuts.

Waterford Huntley


And, if you prefer Elegant Stemless Red Wine glasses, Waterford Huntley are stunning pick. Comes in a set of two.

Made of Crystal, these glasses are crafted with 15 degree wedge cutting stone to create maximum light refraction.

Waterford Forever Flute


The Waterford Love Forever Champagne Toasting Flutes flutes feature a stylized representation of the eternal flame of love.

Made of Crystal, these glasses are perfect gift for any occasion, but more so for Wedding, Anniversary or House Warming.

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