Top Electric Shavers for Men – 2020

Though there has been a recent trend of long beard, still the vast majority of men shave their facial hair. They like to go with a clean and sharp look. For that category – gift to others, or self-gift – we have compiled a list of best electric shavers in the market. But before we talk about electric shavers let’s have a quick look at how electric shavers differ from razors.

Power – Manually powered – you hand powers the movement and force for the blade to move along face to cut the hair.
Blades – option of traditional single blade razor, or multi-stacked blades for even closer shave.
Prep work – you must use shaving cream, and in some cases even pre-shave oil to soften up skin and hair.
Re-usability – you can buy disposable razors, or razor handle with disposable blades part.

Electric Shavers
Power – electric-powered (battery / AC) – your hand provides the direction, electric power provides force for blade(s) movement to cut the hair.
Blades – there are two main types of electric shavers – foil and rotary. Foil Shaver has oscillating (back and forth) blades under a “foil”, and the blades cut the hair touching the blades through foil mesh. Rotary Razor, on the other hand, has three spinning heads that capture the hair to cut them.
Prep work – Electric Shavers come in dry (only) or wet-and-dry models. But you don’t need shaving cream or pre-shave oil for using Electric Shavers. Though you could use cream with some Wet models.
Re-usability – Reusable with rechargeable batteries – they last a long time, with a need to replace blades-head (they typically last several months).

We have compiled a list of top Electric Shavers in the market.

The Best Foil Shaver – Braun Electric (Wet & Dry) Shaver 9290cc

If spending extra on a shaver is not a concern, this shaver offers amazing closeness of shaved face (we are talking smooth!!), comfort of Wet & Dry (so you can use it in a hurry, or with water and shaving cream if you like).

The shaver has 5 shaving elements to cut hair and guard your face – providing ultimate shaving and comfort. This shaver comes with a clean & charge unit.


The Best Rotary Shaver – Philips Norelco Electric (Wet & Dry) Shaver 9700

If you prefer rotary over foil, this is the top shaver to go with. This shaver is is sleek and powerful, and feature-rich. It provides one of the closest shave you could find with electric shaver, and you can control shave speed to adapt to your sensitive skin.

You can use it as a dry shaver, or with water and shaving cream. It comes with cleaning unit as well.


Best Value – Philips Norelco Electric (Wet & Dry) Shaver 8900

This shaver may not have all the bells and whistles of above-listed shavers, but it offers the biggest bang for the bucks. Comparing how close-shave can you get, this shaver comes very close to more expensive shavers.

It can still be used in Dry or Wet manner. Has a beard styler. You cannot go wrong with this shaver, unless you are hard-set on foil shaver category.


Budget Pick – Remington F5-5800

Shaving with electric shavers doesn’t have to cost fortune. This shaver from Remington is much more than just acceptable when it comes to getting quality shave.

This shaver does provide easy use in cordless or corded manner, with LED battery indicator when using cordless. Easy to clean – just rinse in running water.


Travel Electric Shaver – Braun M90

Not that most electric shavers are huge, but they still take fair amount of space in your luggage when you are traveling. If you area always tight on space for your travel, this shaver is a life-saver.

It provides amazing results for its size. It may take a little longer than bigger (and more expensive) shavers, but it would still get you a decent close shave. As if that was not enough, for your trimming needs it has an attached precision trimmer.


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