Top Gadgets for Men – 2020

More often than not, Gadgets Shopping is to Men, what Beauty Shopping is to Women. And Gadgets is one category that constantly changes its top items. What you see now, will likely be considered “old” or “last generation” in 3-6 months.

We have compiled a list of top gadgets that are current and popular.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Get the perfect balance between traditional watch and a Smart one. Live a stronger, smarter life with Galaxy Watch at your wrist. Rest well and stay active with built-in health tracking and a Bluetooth connection that keeps everything at your wrist. Plus, go for days without charging.


2. Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

With a new speaker and design, Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, perfect for any room. Just ask for music, news, information, and more. You can also call almost anyone and control compatible smart home devices with your voice.


3. Cell Phone Signal Booster

A gift of (smooth) connectivity – cell phone signal-drops no more. Boost your cell coverage and get superior connectivity at your home or office with the Connect 4G Cellular Signal Booster from weBoost! Bid farewell to dropped calls and lay the foundations for a more productive workspace or a happier home with the weBoost Connect 4G, created especially for home and indoor coverage.


4. Philips Sleep & Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp

Health starts with Good Sleep. Philips Somneo brings a gentle, pleasant and natural wake up thanks to gradually increasing light. Wind down with advanced RelaxBreathe feature to help you drift off to sleep: light guided wind down breathing, personalized sunset function and sounds.


5. Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter

The miniPRO (2018 Edition) is not a hoverboard—it’s the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. The miniPRO (2018 Edition) is a hands-free, two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life.


6. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Keep an eye (and ear) over your home, even while away, and answer the door from your phone, tablet and PC with Ring Video Doorbell 2. Ring sends alerts when anyone comes to your door, so you can see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.


7. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Though it carries a hefty price tag, it is hot selling cell phone of the year for Android lovers. With all-new S Pen, biggest-every battery (reliable this time), take note-taking and phone handling to new level. It’s one gadget that will stay with the person 24×7.


8. Muse – The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse is an amazing first product that gives you accurate, real-time EEG feedback making meditation easy to learn, trackable, and fun. With Muse, learn focused attention meditation with EEG based real-time neurofeedback (sounds Star-Wars type). No easy easy to explain it other than to try it.


9. All-new Echo Plus

Updated version brings richer sound, integrated voice assistance and smart-home control all in one place. Echo Plus features premium speakers for powerful 360° sound, and a built-in Zigbee smart home hub and temperature sensor.

Just ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, make calls, and provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more. With the built-in hub, starting your smart home is easy.


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